Amaze Brow brow pen in sky

Amaze Brow Trio, a 2-in-1 peptide-infused brow pen and enhancing serum

Product-First Development Strategy

You spoke, we listened.

We wanted our newest product to be a reflection of the direction that our brand is heading in- multifunctional beauty for all. We started by asking ourselves what could be done better.

We started by switching out the felt tip nib for a spring loaded polyacrylic resin nib assembly one that boasts about 2x as much capillary flow as the original. We also improved the  original cap with a double closure that reduces ink leakage and extends the lifespan of the pen. 

We also received a lot of feedback from our customers who mentioned that they wanted a product that could help them achieve thicker-looking brows that still looked natural. We worked with our cosmetic chemist to reformulate and enhance the formulation with peptides and DL-panthenol. The action is 2-part: first, DL-Panthenol hydrates the skin underneath the brows and preps the brow scape for Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, a peptide that is thought to directly stimulate keratin gene expression for thicker-looking brows.

You are the inspiration

At MasterGlam, you define beauty. YOU were our inspiration, and we will continue to make your input central to our product creation process.


Signature of John Smith

J. Smith
Director of Product, MasterGlam

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