The Best Ingredients for Dark Circles and Bags

The Best Ingredients for Dark Circles and Bags

It's no secret that looking well-rested is a luxury that eludes most of us. Sometimes, I wonder if I am still carrying dark circles and bags from my college years of pulling all-nighters and shuttling in between campus and unpaid internships in the city (good riddance). Here are our top 2 tips for addressing periorbital hyperpigmentation:

1. Look for Dipeptide-2 in the skincare aisle

Peptides have been shown in many a clinical trial to improve the appearance of wrinkles. Dipeptide-2 is a lesser-known peptide ingredient that has been popping up on our radar lately.

Primary mechanism of action

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibition. ACE inhibitors are commonly prescribed by doctors to treat high blood pressure. Dipeptide-2 is thought to prevent the conversion of Angiotensin I to Angiotensin II, a substance that narrows blood vessels.

Important Notes

  • The effects of dipeptide-2 were tested in a 2009 randomized clinical trial. The clinical research study is provided in the Source notation below

  • Peptides must be 1) stable in formula, 2) small enough to be absorbed into the skin, and 3) biologically active at the target area in order for you to reap the benefits.

Source: Zhang, L. & Falla, Timothy J.. (2009). Cosmeceuticals and peptides. Clinics in Dermatology, 27(5), 485-494.

2. Use a product with Caffeine (3%)

When it comes to reducing undereye puffiness, there is probably no better clinically proven ingredient than caffeine. It is a potent vasoconstrictor with an efficient topical route of administration. Most eye creams that claim to help with undereye puffiness, dark circles, or bags contain an active concentration of 3%.

3. Try a DIY cold compress.

Join the #SkinTok gang and give ice globing a shot.

Or, if you are really strapped for cash, channel your inner Patrick Bateman and prepare a pair of spoons in the freezer the night before (the bigger the better). Upon waking up, rest them underneath your eyes for 10 minutes and voila.

Cold compresses are thought to boost lymphatic drainage when applied underneath the eye. 

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