MasterGlam Launches Amaze Brow 2-in-1 Brow Serum Pen, A First for Brow Care

MasterGlam Launches Amaze Brow 2-in-1 Brow Serum Pen, A First for Brow Care



Jersey City, United States – December 29, 2022   MasterGlam is excited to announce the launch of Amaze Brow Serum Pen, a two-in-one microblading pen and peptide serum for achieving a natural, fuller-looking brow appearance. A trio of peptides, panthenol, and fatty acids target hair fibers to help support healthy Keratin production. The strategic formulation is dispensed through an angled comb applicator engineered for ease-of-use and maximizing user control.

Amaze Brow is the ideal all-in-one product that pairs long-lasting pigment with even longer-lasting benefits of a leave-on serum.

"We are thrilled to debut an exciting new format for brow serums at an accessible price point” said Joseph Wang, Product Manager at MasterGlam. “Consumers want an easy, affordable way to achieve a denser brow look. 


“The team tested nibs from three different manufacturers to prototype the comb nib applicator," said John Smith, Director of Product. Precise, controlled delivery of the serum is a safety feature that sets Amaze Brow apart from other brow serums that are dispensed with a flock applicator." One early reviewer on Amazon raved MasterGlam her "new secret brow superpower.".

Amaze Brow ($16) comes in two universal shades and is available now on MasterGlam's website and on

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