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Amaze Brow Brush 10 Pack | Eyebrow Spoolie Brush

Amaze Brow Brush 10 Pack | Eyebrow Spoolie Brush

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Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 targets natural keratin production function for improved appearance of fuller, thicker brows

Pro Vitamin B5 revives brows and moisturizes on contact

• Coconut-derived long chain fatty acid Myristic Acid bonds to peptide for improved delivery

• Made without prostaglandin analogs


Fragrance-Free. Suitable for sensitive eyes.


Our eyebrow growth serum in a brow pen targets undernourished brows with unmatched precision, peptide-powered care, and natural-looking color. Its 2-in-1 formulation contains a fortifying blend of 12 ingredients: Keratin peptides to promote healthy keratin production. Panthenol or Pro Vitamin B5 to smooth and soften individual hairs.


Pro Tips

• Use two different shades for added density and dimension to brows.

• Store tip-side down or horizontal for optimal ink flow every time.

• Heavy hand? Correct minor mistakes on-the-go with the tip of your finger, or with micellar water if it's been over a minute since application.


Tube: made with Type 5 Recyclable Polypropylene.

Option B: Check with your local solid waste authority to see if they accept type 5 plastics. Single-stream curbside recycling programs may be available in your local municipality.

Option C: Contact your local grocery or big-box store to find out if they offer type 5 plastics recycling

Peptide-powered brow care.

  • Feather icon

    Skin Safe Peptides

    Optimized for skin delivery without the risk of irritation.

    Read our blog post 
  • Nib with three-tip stroke

    Microblading nib

    Rotate your grip to switch between broad coverage and hairline width precision for a microbladed effect

  • Days to Better Brows

    Visibly thicker and fuller brows in as little as 4 weeks.

Amaze Yourself, Amaze Your Brows

IT'S EASY AS 1-2-3

Woman holding up Amaze Brow pen

12 functional ingredients.

Fill in and grow fading microbladed brows with confidence.

Read our Full Ingredient List
Woman demonstrating results with Amaze Brow

Regrow with confidence.

Every purchase comes backed by our 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

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